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Bootcamp and Personal training

Bootcamp workout method has been considered as an intense circuit that will keep your heart rate up and help you to burn your calories in no time. It can tone all your muscles and your whole body and help you to slim down fast. It was designed to build muscle and burn fat and you do not need any equipment for it. It is a strength and cardio circuit and was created by Ken Weichert, a military master fitness trainer, who wanted to come up with a series of exercises to improve the strength and the agility of his...

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Yoga and Pilates

It is very hard to say which one is more popular, yoga or pilates but, it is safe to say that both are a really wise contribution to your overall health. Nowadays, yoga reached the peak of its popularity. Many people even think that yoga and pilates make a perfect combination and that it is the best to practice both. That way, you get the right balance of benefits. Here are some facts about yoga that will help you to understand the benevolence of it. The main focus of yoga is on broad muscle groups and flexibility. This way...

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Prenatal and Postpartum

Prenatal and postpartum are all part of pregnancy care. It is a healthcare that expectant mothers need to take before and after birth. Prenatal involves training and treatments that will ensure a healthy labor, delivery, pregnancy and prepregnancy. So prenatal period consists of two periods of care, prepregnancy and pregnancy. During this period, there are a lot of risks that can be very dangerous if neglected. Prenatal care means ensuring that those risks are decreased. Usually, prenatal care starts about three months or earlier, before you conceive. Once you get pregnant, scheduling regular health care appointments is warmly recommended...

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Maternal In Home Fitness Centre

Whether you are interested in personal training, bootcamp, yoga, pilates, prenatal or postpartum health care, we can help you to learn all about it. Our goal is to keep your body in shape and make you even stronger and much healthier than you ever were before. With our Postpartum yoga Manhattan health care and training program you will not have to think about what to do after you give birth at all. You will get a personal trainer who will teach you all the tricks how to stay healthy and energetic in order to take a good care of...

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Online Pilates Classes

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