Prenatal and postpartum are all part of pregnancy care. It is a healthcare that expectant mothers need to take before and after birth. Prenatal involves training and treatments that will ensure a healthy labor, delivery, pregnancy and prepregnancy. So prenatal period consists of two periods of care, prepregnancy and pregnancy. During this period, there are a lot of risks that can be very dangerous if neglected. Prenatal care means ensuring that those risks are decreased. Usually, prenatal care starts about three months or earlier, before you conceive.

Once you get pregnant, scheduling regular health care appointments is warmly recommended for each stage of your pregnancy. The most recommendable schedule of visits would be every month in the first six months, every two weeks in the next two months and every week during the month when the labor is expected. This is just a precaution that you can take as a future mother and the way how you can keep up with baby’s growth and heart rate. These visits are the best preparation for giving birth and what comes after it.

Postpartum is just as important as prenatal care. After you give birth, the next six to eight weeks are crucial for your health. Since you are going through a lot of emotional and physical changes, postpartum care will help you to learn all about how to get a proper rest, vaginal care, and nutrition. Rest is more than crucial for new mothers. It helps you to rebuild your strength. With the coming of a baby, your daily routine changes so you need to learn to sleep when your baby sleeps, stay close to your baby because of night feedings and allow someone else to use the bottle to feed your baby while you are taking a rest and sleep.

With the right maternal In-Home Fitness program, you will become more than good at it in no time. You need to take some steps if you want to see this through and staying on the top of your healthcare would be the best for your baby and you. Just follow the program and watch your beautiful baby grow.