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We are your personal yoga trainer guide that will help you with your education about how important it is to keep your body and health in the best possible shape.

With us,you will learn everything about postpartum, pilates.Prenatal,bootcamp, yoga and personal training.Make your choice and let it become your new way towards your new healthier life.

Pilates – The first Steps

Pilates has become really popular among people in the past years. It gives results almost instantly and it is especially popular with women but, men are into it as well. Pilates puts its focus on toning the muscles. You can use bands, springs or the weight of your own body. Since pilates is a rapidly growing trend in fitness, it is usually the most recommended training.

Benefits of a personal trainer

Having a personal trainer can help you with your motivation. A personal trainer will make the best of your training. He or she can help you to define your goals.

  • 92% Motivation 92%
  • 88% Efficiency 88%
  • 80% Goal Achievement 80%

“Be strong and stay positive, do not be a follower but create your own goals by making the right choice.”

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"The method of pilates will show you how to gain control of your body instead of being at its mercy."

Jennifer F. Payne

126 W 96th St, New York,
(212) 865-9290


01 Anusara

Often known as Iyengar, represents the purest form of yoga with a slight sense of humor. This type of yoga is all about accepting and feelings.

02 Ashtanga

represents six established postures, divided into three series. From less demanding to more demanding exercises, students will gradually progress. When students are conduction Ashtanga, they do a series of fast exercises followed with an inhale and exhale.

03 Bikram

this is probably one of the most favorite yoga styles. Bikram yoga style resembles sauna. In the room when this type is practiced, heat is increased, nearly 105 degrees and 40% of humidity.

04 Hatha

It’s all about the basics in these slower moving classes that require you to hold each pose for a few breaths. In many studios, hatha classes are considered a gentler form of yoga.

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